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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430AM  NBC  July 30, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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bracing for the heat. temperatures expected to soar this week around the bay area. we )ll have the timeline. ===vo=== rite now at 4:30, bracing for the heat. temperatures expected to sore around the bay area. we'll have the time line for you. a to popular restaurant forced to close after an early morning incident. a bold move by russian president slvladmir putin. . thank you for joining us. we're following developing stories overseas tonight. president vladmir putin ordering more than 700 u.s. diplomats out of his country as ongoing tensions between the u.s. and russia heat up again. sergio is live in front of the
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russian consulate. there were members of the russian consulate that were ordered to be dismissed by former president, obarack obama. the sanctions are response to influence last year's presidential election. in december president obama ordered dozens of diplomats get
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out of the united states including many from the consulate here in san francisco. he also ordered a series of other penalties against russia. the new legislation turns these sanction sboos law. it was passed this month by the u.s. house and senate by wide margins and will restrict president trump from easing any of the measures. russian president today says 755 united states diplomatic staff and employees will have to leave the russian federation by september 1st. back in december former president barack obama ordered russian diplomats and staff and consulates including here in san francisco to get out of the country within 72 hours. reporting live if san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. the department of defense says it's successfully tested a high-tech missile off of alaska.
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it comes on the heels of another missile test from north korea. the exercise will help the u.s. quote stay ahead of the evolving threat. here in the bay area firefighters battling a small brush fire along high 17 in campbell. this was a scene about 1:00 this afternoon. firefighters quickly put out those flames. it only spread to about 50 feet. the cause of the fire is unknown. investigators think it might have started with a gret being tossed out of car. we mention this because fire dangers are a concern across the bay area especially as temperatures are expected to go up again this week. here is rob with that. >> we're seeing 90s really confined out. 80s closer to san joshojose and familiar sight there. it's a typical spread from mid-60s on the coast to the low
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90s inland. look at the forecast as we head towards monday afternoon. let's jump forward to what's likely the hottest day of the week. this will be on tuesday. this area in red south of san jose into morgan hill, 95 to 100 degrees temperatures as we move on to the east bay. notice out towards solano county, temperatures up near 105 and numbers near 100 degrees around livermore. as we go through the next few days our temperatures will continue to climb. a few items to watch will be the hill top and valley temperatures p p fire da p. we can see a chance of lightning strikes later in the week. a few forecast in 12 minutes. thanks very much. some people ahead to the beach when things get hot. bay area beaches, swells from two tropical storms in the pacific are causing stronger currents this unpredictable waves. beaches in southern california
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are already closing because of the massive waves. dangerous conditions will last into tomorrow night. you can track the heat right on your smart phone. down load our free nbc bay area map. we have a weather section where you can get a detailed forecast for your community. a deadly accident brought traffic on 101 in san jose to a crawl for hours this morning. the crash happened about 6:00 a.m. when a driver traveling north crossed into the southbound lanes and collided with another car. a third driver couldn't avoid the accident in time. the wrong way driver was killed. everyone else involved walked away with what are described as moir minor injuries. took crews five hours to clear the scene. one of the south bay's most popular breakfast spots forced to close after an early morning accident. marianne favro has a look at the damage. >> reporter: the good news is no customers were hurt but you can see here where an suv slammed
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right into the front door, which is now boarded up. despite the damage, it appears the owners have a sense of humor. yo ku look closely, this sign says somebody mistook us for a 24 hour drive through restaurant. one of the most popular breakfast spots in town was forced to close this morning after a woman driving an suv smash into the restaurant shortly after 2:00 this morning. she was taken to the hospital. no word on the extent of her injuries. today customers were disappointed to learn the restaurant is closed and expressed concern about the restaurant owner. >> they had to be devastated. this has to be a huge part of their business. it's always packed ha eed even e afternoon. it really has to be a hardship on their business. >> we reached out to the police department to see if the driver
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will face any charges. they have not returned our call. you can see these tables chairs out here. on any given sunday this patio would have been packed. it's fortunate this happened at 2:00 a.m. and not 9:00 in the morning. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. a new chief of staff at the white house tomorrow as general john kelly takes over. last night president trump had dinner with kelly at his washington, d.c. hotel. insiders hope kelly will bring order to a chaotic west wing and help the president get his agenda back on track. >> i think he will bring some order and discipline to the west wing. >> what we need now from a chief of staff is ensuring that everybody who works in the white house is on the president's agenda. >> the president continues to push health care reform on twitter telling senators not to give up and the world is watching. white house is even suggested lawmakers cancel their entire
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august recess to work on health care after a series of failed vote last week. senate democrats say the public have spoken this favor of obamacare and it's time to move on. violence in the streets of venezuela after a controversial vote that could change the country's constitution. opponents call it a power grab and worry it will end democracy there. as the violent continues, protesters in the bay area are showing solidarity. christy smith live in san francisco to explain. >> reporter: demonstrators here in san francisco's mission district wanted to make it clear how strongly that pose oppose t. they believe their president is trying to grab power at a time of crisis. >> i feel strongly about the issues. >> reporter: in san francisco's mission district mya spoke at a demonstration in solidarity with those in venezuela opposed to a vote in an election that would allow the president to replace
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the current legislative body with a new constituent assembas. >> i'm trying to consider it's not constitutional to re-write the constitution to have a stronger hold on power. >> reporter: many stayed away from the polls today. they have died since protests began in april. >> reporter: the decision was a way to try to restore order. that was disputed here today. a number of countries said they would not recognize the results.
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reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. still ahead, new developments today at the ohio state fire. the decision by fair officials just days after a deadly accident that killed one person and injured seven others. a terror raid in australia. new video of a suspect taken into custody as police continue to search for evidence and the plot to take down a plane. cident,
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after being shut down for 3 days following a deadly accident, rides have re-opened at the ohio state fair. after being shut down for three days following a fedly accident, rides have re-opened at the ohio state fair. all of the rides with the exception of the fire ball attraction. back in business today. on wednesday an 18-year-old was killed. zefb other people injured. the fire ball ride just ripped apart. the park awaited word from safety officials. the similar ride also remains closed. we're learning details in
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the ongoing counter terrorism operation in australia. the plot to bring down a plane focused on using a peroxide based explosive device that's harder to detect by security. the manchester bomber used a similar bomb to kill 22 people back in may. yesterday police arrested four men during raids on sydney homes. they have yet to be charged. one suspect says he doesn't know why he was taken into custody? >> why whoare you being arreste? >> i don't know. >> you must know. you must have some indication as to what's happened here today. >> no. >> what's happened this h is your one chance to tell the media what happened here today. coming up, not a bird or plane. the high flying shapes and colors over berkeley this afternoon.
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purple octopus kite. tonight marks the last night of the annual berkeley kite festival. over the weekend thousands of people came to the berkeley marina to enjoy the kites. over the weekend thousands of people came to berkeley to enjoy the kites. fish and ocean animals. popular this year. the festival provided kite making and kite flying lessons. it was free to the public and those are bigger kites than i ever flew in my entire life. nice wind out there. some warmer temperatures especially by tuesday. right now the wind speeds 20 to
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30 miles an hour. closer to san francisco. another breezy evening with patchy low clouds and winds reaching inland. taking an edge off the heat for one more day. still low 90s around concord. 70s around palo alto. low 60s around half-moon bay. it may not feel like it outside but most places running a few degrees warmer than the same time. this pattern will repeat tomorrow and as we get into tuesday and wednesday the hottest days of the next seven. 65 in san francisco. notice low clouds go away. even plans tonight. still dominated by the sea breeze. you're going to begin to notice the heat start to pick up as the green air gets compressed a
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little bit lower as high pressure builds. closer to 90 in san jose. our areas seeing the 90s. tri-valley up toward concord. the temperatures trending upward for monday afternoon. mid-70s around the peninsula. highs closer to 70 tomorrow. for the north bay 80s to low 90s. the forecast moving forward will have this high reaching its peak intensity for northern california tuesday into wednesday. re-centering across the pacific northwest. we'll see southeasterly wind underneath the lower flank of that ridge of high pressure. as we look at the moisture in the air, notice how things start to pick up late wednesday into thursday. right there. moving to southern california over the bay area. wednesday into thursday. a couple of interesting things this could happen with our weather. the fire danger aspect and the chance of lightning strikes comes together. also the extra cloud cover
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coming from from wednesday night after a hot day. a hot stretch of weather for the middle part of the week. fire danger may be enhanced by the pattern shift on thursday. now look at san francisco temperatures. these numbers have come up. upper 70s, maybe near 80 now on tuesday. it's going to feel hot around san francisco. oakland should be in the mid-80s. the items to watch for valley especially east bay valley, we'll have a heat advisory likely for tuesday. thursday hot and dry. that could be an issue for fire danger. they insist they never set off any fireworks. they will find $500 any way and no visit from law enforcement. how does that happen fp nbc bay area responds and gets the city to exam exact lip how that happened, next.
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u. says the fire department is pretty loose about handing out hefty fines for using fireworks. nbc responds to a san jose resident who say the fire department is pretty loose about handing out he have fi fines. they say the system is wrongfully accusing people and needs to change. a bay area consumer investigator tells us that change just might happen after we brought the problem to light. >> reporter: san jose has a fireworks problem. >> it looks like war zone sometimes. >> reporter: these residents insist they are not part of it and yet they all received a fireworks fine by mail for $500 each.
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the thing is no one ever visited them to verify the accusation. >> how many police officers visit you? >> none. >> code enforcement? >> not a single one. >> somebody else from the city. >> nobody at all. >> reporter: these citations originated online. the city lets anyone reports fireworks violations anonymously using the internet page. by phone fire marshal told us and these residents that some complaints made might contain evidence like video or photos but others can be pure hearsay. >> there's more than one complaint then they don't need the evidence to make you guilty of the crime. >> i don't like hearsay being used. >> city council member voted to ratchet up san jose's fire enforcement. he said he did not intend for people to be fined based on hearsay alone. >> the council intended to have evidence based citations. >> reporter: what happened? gray area. the city's fireworks ordinance
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doesn't lay out how a report should be handled or the standards for when the fire marshal should issue a $500 citation. >> it's way he interpreted eed he said. >> it's difficult. people may have different interpretations. what i would recommend in the future is that they look at more video evidence, based evidence and send it with the citation itself as proof. >> reporter: the fire marshal declined our request for an interview. instead the city spokesperson told us each citation based on hearsay is evaluated by staff. we asked what that evaluation entailed. >> i can't really speak to that. >> reporter: we asked again. what did the city do in between receiving the complaint and
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sending the scitation. >> i can't exactly answer that question. >> reporter: last week the fire marshal did. he told us all he needed to issue a $500 citation was more than just report even if it's hearsay pointing to one address. >> we'll have to go back and verify that with the fire marshal. i can't say how many times that happened or if that even happened at all. >> could it happen? >> could it happen, possibly, yes. >> is that fair? >> well, we're going to ask that question as we evaluate the process. >> reporter: we asked to see the full database of complaints. for now the city is only sharing there were 1,055 online sub politici missions and 45 citations. >> who accused you of setting off fireworks? >> no idea. >> reporter: the residents are frustrated with the process. they are now required to pay the $500 fine up front and then contest the citation at a hearing. >> it's infuriating. i'm trying to find out if
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anything can be done before i get down into the hearing and find myself guilty of something that i didn't do. my $500 is gone and i have no recourse. >> emergency relief for those $500 fines is possible. the topic as well as discussion about how to tweak that fireworks law expected during the council's next meeting. if you have a consumer complaint call us. 1-888-996-tips. the russian president has decided to dismiss hundreds of united states diplomats and staff out of russia. live at the russian consulate in san francisco be those details coming up. suv crashes into a popular restaurant. i'm marianne favro. coming up, i'll tell you which
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restaurant and the impact that that crash had on customers. 80s right now in san jose. tomorrow likely seeing more 90s in the forecast. i'll let you know which areas will likely see 100 degrees. your seven-day forecast when we come right back. the order by president vladimir
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putin in response to u-s right now at 5:00, a bold move by rush sla. t russ russia. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening. thanks for joining us. we're following a developing story overseas tonight. president vladmir putin ordering more than 700 u.s. diplomats out of his country as ongoing tensions between the u.s. and russia heat up again. sergio is live with more on this. >> reporter: you may remember back in december former
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president barack obama ordered that russian diplomats be dismissed from the country. some of them from right here, the russian consulate right here in san francisco. what the president of russia did today is somewhat related. there was always a statement issued by the united states state department this afternoon. they say in part this is a regrettable and uncalled for act. right now russian president slad plir p slvladimimir putin is not happy u.s. has passed sanctions against russia. if his campaign coordinated with those hackers. in december president obama ordered dozens of russian diplomats to get out of united states including many from the consulate here in san frano.